WaterMelon Rushing

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WaterMelon Rushing

Post  iSilent on Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:37 pm

This is basically my way of watermelon rushing and how the watermelon can be used Razz

DL this for Henesys spwn edit and watermelon rushing sendspace.com n5dske

After DLing patch your Map.wz after making a backup.

Go on maple, go to hene, and youll be next to admin, talk, and then youll be transported to the watermelon. After, get hit by a tiger to go back.

You can do this by hand which takes about 10-15 Secs or you can use a Bot.
(I made Razz)
mediafire.com download.php?ty3uzomtzmu (this is the Macro)
http://www.macro-expert.com/product/gm_setup.exe (this is Macro Expert the Macro thingy)

No Viruses - Clean

Using this Macro, it takes 32 seconds every round and only fails if u Lag and if u die due to HP.

Ok, When u have the watermelons, try selling them for about 25k Ea so when u have 100, and you sell all, youll have 2.5m which is a good profit!
Or you can try MTSing them and sell them in 100's for about 400 nx to sell quick.
But try to check how much others are selling theirs for in MTS and make it lower =]

BTW: You must NOT have done the quest Before for the Watermelon rushing to work Razz
Leave the quest alone
and If it doesn't work for any reason, try change your screen to the 1024x768 format

ok, the Macro Expert is the bot, and the patcher is to edit the spawn points

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